Winner 2019 Festival Awards!

We won! Thanks everyone what a fantastic achievement for the Hubbub team working with the amazing 2000 Trees Festival to win the Innovation Award 2019 at UK Festival Awards !

Working with 2000trees since 2015 Hubbub has been enhancing its bespoke Festival Wi-Fi network as the event grows year on year, bringing connectivity to the public, vendors and cashless providers.

2019 is the second year 2000trees operated as a cashless Festival, with Hubbub implementing a new wireless system and a dedicated network to support cashless provider Playpass.

Operations Director Matt Francis explains “The importance of a consistently reliable network for Playpass is crucial for 2000trees now that everything is cashless. It is the backbone that ensures the whole Festival functions efficiently, as well as providing key analytics to help improve the Festival each year. We understand this and implementing a Hubbub network provides this reliability, with our unique system design and failover technology we can provide 99.9% uptime throughout every event.”

Keeping people connected at every event is also a huge part of every Festival. In addition to cashless Hubbub also provide a free public  Wi-Fi  network to support the 10,000+ festival goers, a dedicated network for production and a high speed uplink specifically for media and press.

Matt Francis explains “I don’t think the assumption that everyone should be ’switching off’ is now an excuse that can be used to explain why your event has no  Wi-Fi. There should be a choice, and people now expect to be connected and it’s essential for more organisers to realise this. We’re not quite as essential as water, but not too far behind! The public rely on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram and other social Apps to communicate day in day out, it’s just a part of daily life.”

This site wide network brings further benefits to Festival organisers as Technical Director Andrew Somerville explains ‘As well as getting online a Hubbub network brings visibility to the organisers, at any one time at 2000trees we can see what areas or stages are congested, which is key live data helping create a safer event”

Providing  robust Wi-Fi  applies to all events, not just for rural locations with no 4G like 2000trees, Somerville explains further “…being in a city centre with good 4G coverage is no help if ten thousand people are all trying to communicate at the same time. The networks just can’t cope which results in little or no service for everyone. This is where a Hubbub high speed  Wi-Fi  network is crucial, providing dedicated  Wi-Fi  to guests at the speeds they have become accustomed to in everyday life, and at the same time providing organisers with key live data across their event”.

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